Enemy troops have arrived at the gate of your keep that may fall into pieces at any moment. Make deployment routes, release spells, conquer enemy towers and obtain victory. Congratulations, outstanding attack and defense strategist!
TowerDefender V4.00: Fight the Dragon!
500 years ago, five Guardians worked together to seal the evil dragon on the lava island. 500 years later, the dragon gradually woke up, and the world once again fell into crisis. You, as the Commander of the Silver Knights, are endowed with the spells and skills of the Guardians. You can break through the casual mode to practice your skills, or you can challenge the dragon boss and fight to the death!
Meet Our 5 Heroes
In Adventure's Cabin, you will be the hero of Sylvanas, Rikimaru, Calypso, Surtr, or Froster commanding the army in heroic combat. You can either break through the Casual Gameplay, to the highest number of levels to challenge. You can also embark on a super exciting journey in our Survival Gameplay. In four scenes of Forest, Snowland, Desert, and Cemetry, you can freely choose and combine skill cards, and develop the best strategy to attack enemy troops or defend your towers. Form your hero team and defeat the final boss!